Development RDG has become one of Raleighs in-fill developers with an emphasis on recombining parcels and working to maximize the utilization of the few remaining in-fill land parcels. Understanding zoning and unified develop ordinances is the first and most vital element to creating a one of a kind development project. RDG can assist clients with projects as small as permitting an Accessory Dwelling Unit or as large as entitling an entire sub-division.

Due Diligence

Determining whether a project is viable requires an in depth analysis of public utilities, zoning, future land use, and many other elements. The first step in a development is to gather the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding the viability of a property. We work with key team members to make this determination before moving to the next step.

Preliminary Site Plan

Once a project has been vetted and determined to be viable RDG will work with engineering team members to produce several creative site plan options that

Final Engineering and Planning Approval

The project has been preliminarily approved with conditions and the task of completing a fully engineered site plan involves careful consideration by developer and engineer to ensure that all decisions are made with the projects goals in mind. The final step leading up to site construction.

Site Construction

The process which involves clearing, grading, utility work, storm water retention ponds, paving, and much more. During site construction the developer yields to site operations while overseeing the project to ensure execution.